Contemporary Art Experience

 “A poetic celebration of the Latino immigrant Culture, Cojones, and Faith.” 

Photo from American Passport "Concept" Teaser

AMERICAN PASSPORT is a two part contemporary art experience celebrating the evolution of the Latino Immigrants' quest towards the “American Dream”.

Part I:

American Passport Cinematic Short Film

Part II:

American Passport Interactive Public Art Activation

This Kickstarter Campaign is focused on executing 

Part 1: American Passport Short Film.


The Story behind the Art…

Photo from American Passport "Concept" Teaser

“This project was started by a group of bold, brilliant, professional LATINA WOMEN who came together to highlight the exquisite culture that runs through our veins.”

From Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Nicaragua and many more. The leaders of this ever growing team are Latino Immigrants and first generation Americans. We are a powerful crew of professional Artists, Producers, Cinematographers, Curators, Marketers, Grant writers and Brand developers. Together, we made a decision to create a masterful work of Art that would honor our historical Culture, Cojones, and Faith.

“This is not one story, this is OUR story.”

Photo from American Passport "Concept" Teaser

Why is this Art Important?

This is the hardest question to answer. It is like asking; “Why is my mother important?” “Why do we reminisce about our loved ones?” “Why does our collective history matter?” “Why do Latinos need this Art?”

 “It is a demand for Latino people to be recognized as full, complex individuals, and for our contributions to the United States.” 

Every culture deserves a positive, respectable, representation of who they are. Who better to celebrate the stories of Latino Immigrants than US?

Storytelling explores our abstract emotions and continues to remind us how connected we truly are.

 “This is la historia of the Road to Freedom. A timeless telling. The most classic of tales. Once upon a time...WE DID THAT!” 

There are 60.7 million Latino's who are now here in the United States. This is a way to honor their journeys and show the world how far we have come as a people. 

“This work of art is important because it will inspire Latinos to carry confidence as they begin to share their unique contribution to this collective voyage.”

The story of the “American Dream” becomes a lot more powerful when you understand it’s becoming. This is an opportunity to see the people who made it real. La Gente who walk around this country humbly moving about as if they didn’t accomplish the impossible. As if they didn’t change the course of future generations to come. Since they wouldn’t dare brag about their own cojones, then WE WILL SCREAM IT FOR THEM!


Real People, Original Poetry, and Timeless Music.

The Characters :

By utilizing real families and sincere moments, we will capture true authenticity and make it solely about La Gente. It is important for us to show the charm of our community in their most natural states. We will reflect our families and their passions. Our friends and their dreams. Our abuelitas, our mamis, papis, tios y tias. Pa’ la cultura! Pa’ la raza!

"These real life people are the inspiration for the art, so they will be the stars!"

Original Poetry:

"If Shakespeare wore gold hoops, had wider hips, and rolled his R’s, how would he write this script?" 

Alejandra Estefania: Writer, Director & Executive Producer

It is important to communicate this ever evolving story in the most romantic of fashions. 

The dialogue and narrative of the film will be a collage of original spanglish poetry and dialogue captured by the intimate moments with the people from the film. The language of our film is one of the most unique approaches we are taking creatively. We must speak with sazón, pasión and boldness, as that is the true nature of our gente!

Original Music:

Gabriel Robledo aka XII: Music Producer

Everything about this film is authentic. The music is no exception. Colombian born and Miami raised Music Producer Gabriel Robledo, better known as XIII, will have the audience recalling sacred memories with the timelessness of his sounds. A mix of classic Latino instrumentals, sofrito and soft transitions into vibrant beats, Gabriel powerfully captures the essence of our culture. Get ready to fall in love with our original scoring that will make you shake your maracas!

(American Passport Instrumental Album will be available for download on all streaming Platforms come Jan. 2023)

Project Stage and Timeline

Join us on this journey and watch the vision come to life! VAMONOS!


Pre-Production and Kickstarter Campaign

Jan 2021


  • Concept & Development Stage
  • Writing Script
  •  Pre-production Stage

Feb-Apr 2021


  • Pre-production Stage
  • Storyboard Developing
  • Casting Call: Talent

May-Jul 2021


  • Filming of AP concept Teaser
  • Editing Teaser
  •  Finalizing Film Deck  

We made it to Production, we’re right on track! Pa’lante!

Aug-Jan. 2022


  •  Filming AP Cinematic Short Film 
  •  Documenting Latino Success Stories for AP Art Activation 
  • Casting Call
  • Producing Original Scoring
  • Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Completing Kickstarter Campaign (Phase One)

Phase Two:

Finalizing Film and Prepping Art Installation

(Currently we are not disclosing the private details of the American Passport Public Art Activation. That information will be announced in the time to come.)

 American Passport Cinematic Short Film will be available for viewing Jan. 2023 

The Crew

Budget Breakdown

All funds derived from Kickstarter will go directly into the production stage between

Aug-Jan 2022 of Phase 1: American Passport

Sponsorship Packages Available:

To Partner with the American Passport Team please email:

AMERICAN PASSPORT is fiscally sponsored by 501c3 Non profit: Healing with Hues Inc.

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Thank You!

Gracias for supporting our movement! If you are in a position to support the film with funding we are deeply grateful. However we understand not everyone has the opportunity. If you would still like to support us and the story please consider sharing the project with as many people as possible. 

"The more people hear our story, the more we will inspire. Mil Gracias!"